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Confidential and Sensitive Counselling and Psychotherapy

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“The good life is a process, not a state of being.

It is a direction, not a destination.”

                                                                  Carl Rogers


Why Psychotherapy 

Everyone deserves to live a safe, happy and fulfilled life.

Are you experiencing any of these feelings? 

- isolation and loneliness,

- anxiety,

- fear 

- frustration

- depression

- low self esteem,

- lack of faith and trust,

 - ongoing anger and frustration,

- low confidence,

- lack of hope 

- a belief that no one will understand you.

- stuck in my career

Talking to a qualified therapist in a safe, sensitive and non-judgemental way to work through your problems can help you heal and learn new strategies to help build your resilience and lead to a more fulfilled life.

My Approach 

I offer a confidential, safe and non-judgemental space, with a strong focus on compassion and empathy, to help you talk through your issues.


Together, you and I will explore your situation, and talk about those aspects of your life that might be blocking you from living a safe and fulfilled life.

We will discuss some easy and helpful strategies and resources that will help you to either manage or overcome your challenging situation.

My hope is that, with these strategies and resources, you will develop an inner resilience that will give you the confidence to deal with any future challenges.



Contact Me

Phone: 0414 173 673

Address:Online Services  

During this time of our current COVID-19 restrictions, I will only be able to provide online services.

Please rest assured that my service quality will not be reduced as a result of online therapy.

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