Client Testimonials

Bharati was exactly what I needed when I needed it. She was a wonderful listener, who knew how to ask the right questions to draw me out of myself. I felt so safe and held in her sessions. Her energy is calm, welcoming and non judgemental. Nothing I said was too much, or incorrect. She made me see myself in a much clearer light and often, when I was lost, brought me back to myself. She is a wonderful counsellor and incredible person. Thank you for all your time and energy Bharati.

8 May 2022

"I found Bharati to be compassionate and caring, at the same time, very impartial and fair.
She understood our issues and dealt with them with understanding, without making a judgement.
We feel thankful for her services."

4 Apr 2021

Couples Counselling

"Bharati is a wonderful therapist. She understands our perspective as she tries to step into our shoes and think through situations we have been in. Her activities and discussions are a huge benefit which helps in gaining a clear perspective. She is extremely compassionate and makes sure that I am alright before leaving the session. The environment she creates makes me extremely comfortable which in turn helps me to come out of my shell fully and explore my issues and ways to solve them. I feel extremely lucky to have met a therapist like her, she has already helped me a lot and the results are obvious. I can see the changes in me. I felt progress was made each week I met her. I started the sessions when I was completely vulnerable and hysterically crying but she made sure that I was given a safe space to open myself up. I am extremely grateful to her, she taught me how to have faith in myself. She makes sure that I feel worthy of myself and she always ends the session telling me that there is hope and I have the capabilities to overcome my problems.
I would definitely recommend Bharati (BLS counselling) if anyone needs a warm, friendly, understanding and compassionate environment.
Thank you so much Bharati. Can't Wait for our next session."

29 Aug 2020

Individual Counselling

Bharati is an extremely kind, encouraging counsellor. I feel safe, validated and inwardly untangled after every session with her. I'm so grateful that I have met her.

7 Apr 2021

"No matter what I had to present, there was always a method or way of working through it. The small tasks I had to complete and the questions I was given to think about had been much more effective than plainly talking about problems like I’ve done with previous counsellors. You are really flexible and patient both when negotiating a session and within the session itself. This also didn’t feel like a business deal like it did with the previous counsellor I had, it felt more like good genuine help. Thank you very much :)"

1 Apr 2021

Individual Counselling

"Bharati from BLS Counselling has changed my life in so many ways. Bharati has such a special way of connecting with people in a warm caring, and understanding way. She has helped me along my journey for a very long time, and I can honestly say that without Bharati's wonderful support, I would not be where I am today. Such an incredible lady who is passionate about helping people to find hope again. Thank you so much Bharati. Much gratitude."

30 May 2020

Individual Counselling