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Welcome To My Blog

Hi there, welcome to my blog on mental wellbeing!!


Like you and millions of other people around the world, I too have experienced what it is like to suffer from poor mental health and having to cope with many challenging and stressful situations. The good news is that I recovered and overcame most of these challenges and I am now coping just fine!!


These days, I am just so very passionate about wanting to help others overcome their life challenges. That is why I started my Counselling and Psychotherapy practice and  this blog. Through these pages, I want to share all that I know, in the hope that this might be helpful to you or your loved ones, as you navigate through your own challenging journeys of life, such as, poor mental health, dealing with stressful situations, difficult relationships, cultural conflicts, recovering from traumatic experiences, career challenges, depression, anxiety and so many more. 

Click on each of the boxes below to see a summary of the sorts of information you will find in each of them. I will keep adding to these pages, so stay tuned to this space!! 

If you have any questions, feedback or requests for information on anything related to mental wellbeing, then please don't hesitate to contact me by clicking on this link right here. I will be sure to respond to you.

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